Fantastic Massages (And Where to Find Them)

When it comes to massages, we love them. People will pay top dollar for a good massage, and for good reason. A good massage will help relax your tense and sore muscles, and that helps clear your mind and improve your mood and morale. Massages are also a form of intimacy shared between loved ones and, again, for good reason. However, even a massage from a stranger can be pretty amazing when solicited. It’s such a relief to have the energy pressed into our skin and our muscles to work out the knots in our muscles. However, the choice of where and when to have a massage is an often debated thing, so let’s talk about it. Here are some ways to get massages you’ve probably never considered.

First and foremost, there’s the beach massage. Beaches are pretty great, and I don’t think anyone would fight you on that point. (Except, maybe, my 10 year old self. Jellyfish incident.) The sun, the sand, the crashing waves, the seagulls. The beach is a magical place and gives off the chillest of vibes. However, if there was any one way we could think of to improve it, it would be a good, deep tissue massage. So, while getting sunscreen applied to your back by your significant other, why not get the best massage of your life in such a magical location? It would be hard to be grumpy or sore after such a pleasant surprise.

Another interesting context in which one could get a massage is in a medical context. Massages are an example of a more holistic approach to healing that is verifiable and quantifiable. It’s not going to cure diseases or heal wounds, but it does work out the kinks we get in our bodies over time due to stress of various kinds.And, that can cure some lesser pains and alleviate more serious ones. Therefore, medical massages are a great way to supplement other pain treatments. After a massage like these, when you really need it, you might feel good enough to go shopping with your kids at The Children’s Place for back to school clothes.


Jerome Hoffmann